52 Crows - For Sale

May 31, 2019

Hello everyone,


You might be wondering what happened to the 52 Crows project?


Due to a series of events I am putting most of the illustrations up for sale and wanted to let you know first. If you are interested in purchasing anything please let me know and email me at bonnie@bonniehelenhawkins.com 


Please let me explain.


Moving house and then several weeks of poor health brought the project to an untimely end. I only finished 46 illustrations in 2018. A remarkable achievement made possible by the support and encouragement of my twitter followers, but nevertheless short of my target.


I did intend to finish the project and exhibit it all at the Maven Gallery, Bath, in their soon to be opened second floor gallery space.


But fate was against me! 


You may have seen in the news how the weight of snow loosened masonry and dislodged both stone and guttering in the centre of Bath earlier this year. Unfortunately the Maven Gallery was part of the block of buildings effected by this problem. Although the ground floor gallery is still open the second floor gallery will not be opened to the public for some considerable time. A structural survey and repairs will have to be made along the ridge line of the entire building block. Of course being Georgian Bath everything is listed and takes forever.


The net result of this is that I will sadly be putting most of the illustrations up for sale without ever having the opportunity to exhibit the collection. If you are interested in purchasing the illustration please let me know.


Having said all that I am not giving up on the project. As you are probably aware there has recently been massive advances in the printing industry, it is now possible to produce short run, high quality books to order. Many artists are taking advantage of this developing industry to create personal art books about their work, usually funded by Kickstart. Most of these books exclusively feature the artist’s work, sometimes processes and techniques but not necessarily any text or written content.


For a long time, it has been my ambition to create a book featuring my drawings. But I want the book to be about more than just my work. I want to include poetry and short stories. As an artist I’m interested in the figure, the nature world, animals as symbols or guides, emotion, love, birth, death and rebirth, depression, illness.


So I suppose I’m talking about an illustrated book of stories. Do you want to help?


I’m not going to sugar coat this project. A book like this might take years to create, after all I still need to earn a living that means doing paid commissions. And the art I envisage is not simple sketch’s or scribbles, I want to make the work as beautiful and as detailed as I can. 


I hope to write to several of my supporters and invite them to participate, if you are interested please email me.



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