The Oracle Crow week 42

The Oracle Crow


“What manner of beasts are you?  

Do you not know who I am? I am The Oracle, the speaker of all the words of wisdom that were ever spoke; only now struck down by Odin to remain silent for ever more.  I was promised a messenger; someone fluent in the languages of man with telepathic powers who would read my mind and take my words of wisdom to all four corners of the earth; do not tell me that this messenger is you!  Barely fledged you have the feathers of a chick still, around your beak.

I am in despair – how can I carry on, how can I bear to face the world with such as you as my mouthpiece. Be gone you stupid bird and send to me an eagle at least, and one with some years on his back.” 

The crow flew off and shortly an old and bedraggled eagle appeared.  “You summoned me oh Oracle, you of all the wisdom of the earth?” 

“I did,” replied the Oracle shrugging her shoulders and nodding towards the perch by her ear.  “Sit there and read my mind.”

The eagle landed with a sigh, and turned his head so that he was eye to eye with the Oracle.  

“Well” said the Oracle “what do you read?”

“I read that Odin was right to seal your lips – you have truly lost your mind in choosing an old eagle over a young and clever crow to be your mouthpiece.   We birds each have our part to play in the order of things and mine is to be the King of the skies and to rule over the other birds.  The crow meanwhile is destined to be the messenger of the Gods – you were foolish to turn away such a talented emissary,  your decision is final so come speak to me, I am discreet if nothing else and nothing you tell me will go further than this.”


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