52 Crows, Week 27

 This next story mentions six birds in total and I really wanted to include all of them, however the preesure of time and scale simple did not allow it! So instead we have a portrait of three members of the corvid family. Enjoy!


The Crow Wars


Said Crow to Jackdaw.

‘We must chase him from the garden. He will take what is ours. Small birds will scatter, but that cackling fool will grab and run.’

‘True,’ said pale eyed Jack. ‘We shall be allies.’

From a nearby branch, Magpie watched his cousins plot against him. 


Ha, thought Magpie. You think I can’t hear you. But my brother hides nearby, so while you think it’s sorrow for one, it’s joy for two! Cackling to himself, his black feathers glistened like an oil slick in sunshine as he shook with laughter. I’m no mortal fool cousins! 


Little cock Robin watched the Corvus family war from the Rowan tree. Puffing his red breast, he shone among the crimson berries and tiny fringed leaves, singing his joyous ditty. What a sap Jackdaw is, he thought. He just waits for crumbs instead of taking control.


Meanwhile, the wagtail bobbed up and down in front of the door of the house. He’d learned the humans liked his little dance and brought food. Grated cheese and peanuts spread out like a feast before him. The bigger birds wouldn’t go near the door, but the robin would come, so he’d need to be quick when the food came forth.


Finally the tiny wren. So small and camouflaged brown against the stone wall. She looked fragile, but really was the toughest of all and would flit in and out grabbing what she needed in her minuscule beak before spiriting away while the garden birds war continued. 


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