52 Crows, week 18


A Fox's Tale


“So, there I was,” said Fox, ‘Slipping down to the stream for a drink and bath. Minding my own business, only thing on my mind was cold wetness and breakfast. That’s when I heard it. Shocked me all the way down to me paw-pads it did. Never heard the like!”

“And so LOUD! The sound went right through me, turnin’ me bone-marrow to mush!

“Horrible, it was.  Like a volley of them after that first one – like crows. Then it stopped for a bit and started up again the same way. Well, I was not a happy fox!

“Flattening my ears shut out the worst and since I could still move despite my mushed marrow, I went looking for the culprit.

“Found him too...

“A crow... sitting atop an old high wall, and taking a deep breath... 

“I flattened my ears again and quickly trotted past 

“I knew that wall. It was collapsed further along. I can climb its ruins and get to the top. I wanted words with that blasted crow!

“Before I knew it, I was atop the wall trotting back to Crow contemplating the choice words I intended to... Suddenly, there was Crow... taking another deep breath.

““S’cuse me”, I said in a loud voice. “S’cuse me, but what do you think you’re doing making all that racket, Crow?

So, Crow rises to his full height and peers down his beak at me.


“S’cuse me?”

“You address me as Majesty, not Crow. After all, I am your new King!”

Well! I’d never heard the like. I sat down and tilted my head in utter surprise!

“S’cuse me!”

“If course I s’cuse you. It’s not every day people learn their old king has passed and a new king is here, today, claiming them as his own.”

“What!!?” I was totally astonished! “ New king? Old king?  I’ve never even heard of a king in these lands!”

“Oh, yes. You’ve always had Crow Kings. ALWAYS! I can understand why you might not know about them though. We don’t hang around much – only here for a single day, surveying.”

“Surveying? Is that what Kings do?”

Crow tipped his head at me, peering over the bridge of his nose.

“But of course! Crow Kings are always born Surveyors of the Crow branch, Corvid Family Tree. Our Sacred Covenant is “We are the Kings of all we Survey!”

He ruffles his feathers proudly.  “So we survey as much as we can here, in this life because, as Kings, our surveyed kingdom comes with us when we pass into Spirit. These kingdoms become familiar homes for our Spirit Corvid Family to gather when we all cross over."

I don’t know when my mouth fell open. My flabber was totally ghasted. I’d never heard anything like it before. Spirit crows? Surveying? Corvid Family? I was a very boggled fox!

“It’s a lonely life, really... Never longer than a day in one place... but someone has to do it. Might as well be me, since I’m here.

“Well, S’cuseme Fox. This has been a rare pleasure. It’s not often I get to chat. Thank you most heartily!” and he starts readying to fly.

“WAIT!” I find myself shouting!

Crow cocks his eye towards me.

“Can I come?”

“But you can’t fly!” said Crow, astonished!

“No, not now. Later, in that...  that Spirit kingdom.”

“Of course you can! It’s your home! There are no fox-hounds there.”

Fox glances at the picture. 

“It was the only time. I never saw him again. Someone must have seen us.”


Dee can be followed @wildwalkerwoman



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