52 Crows - Week 10



Do you doubt that I laid these eggs?  Perfection is not easy to replicate, but I have the talent for it and you see here before you three eggs without a blemish.

The watch you ask?  A family heirloom I reply; it belonged to my grandfather and his grandfather before him.  In fact there is a story about this watch and how it saved a family from certain death in a fire.  You wish to hear the story?

It was many years ago on the west coast of Scotland; my ancestor was awake early in the morning as is usual with our kind.  He noticed that smoke was beginning to curl through a crack in a roof tile just below his perch, and realising that some serious event was about to take place he picked up his possessions which included this watch, and proceeded to move them to a safer place.  In doing so he dropped the watch and it banged and clattered its way down the roof until it became lodged in the gutter.  The noise of the watch on the roof tiles awakened the maid sleeping in the room below, and she was alerted to the danger by the smoke beginning to enter her room.   She roused the family living within and was proclaimed a heroine by the local population.  Of course it was my ancestor that was the hero of the day or to be more precise this timepiece – it has a dent on the back which it acquired during its travels down the roof, but of course you cannot see this from the picture.

The ring?  - Now the ring belonged to my Mother and she received it as a gift from a young raven when she was first seeking a mate.   He was her first love and they had made plans to build a nest and start a family when fate stepped in and tragedy struck.  He was foraging for food along the edge of a loch when he was struck down by a camper van that was travelling far too fast for the narrow island roads.  The camper van left the road and skidded into him!  The other ravens around and about mobbed the driver when he climbed out of his vehicle but by then it was too late for my mother’s love.   She mourned him for a long time and it was not until the following season that she met and fell in love with my father.

You wonder why it’s I who has these heirlooms now.  I will tell you, though I think you should have guessed, I am a raven after all  -  I stole them, what else!


To read more by Anne Sheppard follow her Twitter account @Andante77


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