Faery Magic and Murder

July 4, 2017

As many of you know I have always been interested in illustration with a lifelong love of books so it was a dream come true when I was apporached by the publishers Orion to create a set of black and white illustrations for the new book by famous auther Joanne Harris MBE.


Several of Joanne's books feature Norse myths, however her most famous work is entitled Chocolate which was made into a feature film staring Johnny Depp.


The new book is called "A Pocketfull of Crows" and is a dark story of the fairy folk, love, heartbreak and murder. I can not give away any plot details or show you any of the actual illustrations yet. However I can show you a drawings of what I think the main character will look like - this is called a rough sketch and will not be used in the book. We will all have to wait until October 16th to see the published item including all 25 illustrations!.


But for now this is my Nameless Girl!



Joanne had seem a copy of my "Odin" drawing and some where along the line it sparked a connection.








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