Originally created for the folklore novella "The Blue Salt Road" written by Joanne Harris and published by Orion.


In the story, the grandfather, who is a rough and dangerous character eventually takes his granddaughter back to the sea. I hoped to capture that moment in this illustration. Plus I love greyseals and have been fortune enough to wittness great colonmies of them in the wild. 


The original drawing is sold framed and ready to hang.

Grandfather Greyseal and Child

  • The original drawing is mounted with a pale cream coloured mount. The inside apperature size of the mount is 295mm wide by 195mm tall.


    The outter edge of the frame is 440mm wide by 340mm tall. The frame itself is wooden with a black satin finish. For safety when shipping the frame is fitted with a high quality styrene / acrylic glazing that is indistinguishable from glass when on the wall. To keep clean, simply wipe with a mirco fibre cloth.

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