Image size 9.5" high by 14" wide, printed on 215grm 100% cotton rag paper with archival inks. Over all paper size is 12.5" high by 17" wide. All sizes are approximate.

Each reproduction is signed by both author, Joanne Harris and Illustrator Bonnie Helen Hawkins.

Each image is hand wrapped in acid free tissue paper before rolling and shipped in standard tubes.

Limited to only 100 in the edition.

Freedom at Last!

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  • This is a very special illustration - ONLY A SMALL PART OF IT APPEARS IN THE BOOK! When I first read Joanne's story I was overwhelmed by the poetry of the words, especially the sense of joy that the Nameless Girl feels simply by existing. This joy is a profound part of her character and as an illustrator I just knew that I had to express it in some way. Upon finishing the story, this image popped into my head, fully formed and waiting to be drawn. I had to draw something that expressed the Nameless Girl's life and her returned joy when at last she regained her powers.

    Unfortunately because of the nature of the book I was only commissioned to create upright, portrait style illustrations - this shape simply would not fit my vision of the Nameless Girl running amongst all her animal companions - So I did a lanscape shape illustration as well.

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