May 31, 2019

Hello everyone,

You might be wondering what happened to the 52 Crows project?

Due to a series of events I am putting most of the illustrations up for sale and wanted to let you know first. If you are interested in purchasing anything please let me know and email me at bo...

December 14, 2018

 This weeks illustration does not have a story, but it does have a title: "Memory is like a River". Maybe if it inspires you, please send your story to

The Suitor

In the kitchen, unfashionable crockery is wrapped hastily in newspaper and placed in boxes labelled CHARITY. Dad detonates a swear word from the cupboard under the stairs. Uncle Charlie retches violently as he scrubs mould from the corner of the bath. No one...

“What manner of beasts are you?   Do you not know who I am? I am The Oracle, the speaker of all the words of wisdom that were ever spoke; only now struck down by Odin to remain silent for ever more.

the crow died t_h_i_s_ _i_s_n_'t_ _a_ _p_o_e_m_ _a_b_o_u_t_ _s_u_s_p_e_n_s_e_ _ or murder it is about a bird falling into the wrong space six feet northwards

David has waited a very long time to see this illustration, he sent me his story back in January! But its been a very difficult one to consider because he does not directly mention the birds. So in the end I opted to try and create something full of menace and threat.


September 27, 2018

Ellie was a crow goddess, descended from the crow-people of the western mountains. She kept the wits and wiles of the bird in her heart, and when she slept she always flew in her dreams.

With every new crow goddess the birds flew a little further east. A little closer t...

Once upon a hushed moonless night, a Queen in a far away land gave birth to her fourth consecutive daughter.  The King loved his wife and daughters, but was troubled without a male heir, as to who should rule at the end of his reign.

All his daughters were good and...

They called him crow. Those lackwit boys at the Conservatorio, Paolo and Riccardo. Tenors with sugared voices and decayed souls. Mocking his voice, his corvid croak. Mocking his pain. The fire. His parents. His sweet little sisters. The door that just wouldn't open.


September 4, 2018

CORVINE, MINE Erica threw her handbag on the kitchen table, narrowly missing the stained teapot and one of Suzie's seven cats that lay curled against it. She hated having to come to her sister's sty and was never sure whether the taint of ammonia in the air was...

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